Which animal do you like? In Japan, there are many places where you can find colonies of wild animals. And when I am talking about wiId animals colonies, I am not talking about theme parks or zoos where the poor animals are trapped inside cages and boxes, but the real open environment which offers proximity with animals.

Local Japanese people have high respect on animals, as time passed by, there is a mutual respect between animals and human being. Those animals are not afraid of people. On the other hand, the Japanese people try hard to preserve the homeland of those animals despite rapid industrialisation.

  1. Jigokudani Yaen-Kōen (地獄谷 野猿公苑) – the onsen-loving lazy snow monkey

  2. Zao Kitsune-Mura (宮城蔵王 キツネ村)/ Fox Village – the cutest gang alive

  3. Nara-Kōen (奈良公園) and the city – the bowing deers

  4. Ōkunoshima (大久野島) – the rabbit island with a sad story

  5. Tokyo Risu-En (リス園) – the fluffy squirrels

  6. Aoshima (青島) – one of the eleven cat islands

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