“Hanami” is  the Japanese for cherry blossom viewing, viewing with the sense of appreciating the beauty of it. Hanami should not be done in a rush of time. You can take time to walk slowing through the sakura (cherry blossom trees), empty you mind, enjoy the breeze, and appreciate the bunches of cherry blossoms around you. You can even organise a picnic to fully enjoy the moment of Hanami. Just to keep in mind that the sakura season is still chilly and a little bit cold. So now, how to Hanami like a local japanese?

  1. Choose a sakura spot where you are allow to do a picnic
  2. Go to buy the picnic essentials at Daiso, 100 yen shops, etc.
    • Picnic sheet (straw mat/ plastic mat, etc.)
    • Rubbish bags
    • Disposable chopsticks, plates, cups
    • Wet tissue paper
    • Bottle or can opener if needed
  3. Prepare your own food and drinks or buy them from department stores. Below are some recommended ones.
    • Hanami Bento (Japanese packed lunch box)
    • Onigiri (rice balls) which can be filled with different ingredients such as saumon, tuna, etc…
    • Miso soup
    • Japanese sweets: dango and mochi (soft rice cake sometimes wrapped with red bean, sesame, green tea pastes, etc.
    • Drinks: green tea, soft drinks, sake,etc.
  4. Arrive earlier to secure a picnic space and lay your picnic sheet (straw mat or plastic one) on the ground, take off your shoes and set up the picnic.
  5. Clean up with the prepared rubbish bag after the day of hanami.





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