O-Sushi (お寿司,鮨) is more than a rice ball topped with sliced fish

Sushi is one of the most famous food inside and outside Japan. The main ingredient of sushi is rice, which is seasoned with rice vinegar. And the second ingredient is the fresh fish, meat, egg or vegetables. There are 5 main types of sushi:

1. Nigiri(握り)- fish, meat or egg on a ball of sushi rice
2. Sashimi(刺身)- fresh raw meat or fish on it’s own
3. Maki (卷)- seaweed-wrapped
4. Uramaki(裏巻き)-  rice on the outside
5. Temaki(手巻き)-  sushi hand-rolled into a cone shape
6. Chirashi(散らし)- seasoned rice topped with scatter slices of fish, meat or vegetables

It is a common misunderstanding that sushi is just nigiri. In really, sushi can refer to most of the seasoned rice dishes.

Sushi in western countries – California rolls on top of the list

The sushi trend has spread to Americas and Europe. I believed that many people have heard of California roll. It is actually transformed from makizushi but is wrapped inside-out. We can usually find avocado, cucumber and crab meet inside the California roll.

However, is really created in California? The answer is no. It was originally created by a Japanese chef, Hidekazu Tojo(東條英員), in Vancouver in order to adapt to the local tastes. Many visitors from Los Angeles loved that roll and the name of California roll was given.

Nowadays, lots of Japanese restaurants in western countries are selling makizushi with avocado and salmon. Maybe it’s inspired by the California roll creation? ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

How to eat nigiri sushi?

I’ve been to Japanese restaurants with friends in western countries (anonymous) . It looks very common that the locals are pouring the sweet soy sauce over the rice, dipping mainly the rice of the nigiri in the soy sauce, or shaking the nigiri to get rid of the excess sauce. I do respect the way people choose to enjoy food. In the end, there is no rigid rule to frame us on how to enjoy a piece of sushi. But if you are interested in the way people eat sushi in Japan, I would love to share with you here. Ψ(≧ω≦)Ψ

In Japan, people usually go to a sushi-ya (寿司屋) for eating sushi. They will sit around the sushi chef and ordered directly from him.
“HIM”? Yes. Sushi chefs are mainly men as it is believed that the sense of taste of women varies by their menstrual cycle. Without a good sense of taste, it is difficult to be a top sushi chef. Nowadays, there is a growing number of women sushi chefs as well.
It is a pleasure to see how the chef cut the fish and make the sushi, as every move is a thousand years of practice.

  1. Clean your hands before eating sushi as we can either use chopsticks or hand to eat sushi
  2. Pour some soy sauce into the dipping bowl. Not too much to prevent it from spilling out when you dip you sushi in it
  3. Use chopsticks (or hand) to turn the sushi to the left side, hold it with the chopsticks (or hand), one on the fish side, another one on the rice side
  4. Or slightly hold the sushi with you thumb, index and middle fingers at three sides of the sushi, turn the sushi upside down (not demonstrated in the video)
  5. Dip the fish part into the soy sauce (slightly dip the bottom part into the soy sauce for makizushi)
  6. Avoid adding extra seasoning if the sushi is already seasoned
  7. Don’t shake the sushi to get rid of extra sauce, just dip the right amount of sauce
  8. Eat the sushi in one bite if possible
  9. Eat a slice of ginger after each sushi, but never put the ginger on the sushi and eat them together
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