White strawberries (白いちご) can be found in department stores and fruit stores in Japan. They appeared to be pure white or slightly pink in colour, giving us an impression that they are sour as they are not red as “usual”. Nonetheless, they are quite sweet with a sugar content of 12 to 15 degrees (The sugar content of common red strawberries is around 10 degrees). The gap between their tastes and their appearance is an interesting experience. So, why not take a journey to go for white strawberries picking?

In another article, we had already told a small story about the funny facts of white strawberries in Japan. While there are many different varieties, nowadays, the most common white strawberry available for tasting in the Kanto area  is called Light Snow (淡雪). This variety was registered in 2013. If you are fascinated by this extraordinary fruit, let’s take this curiosity into action and go to hunt for the scarce white strawberries in some hidden farms around Tokyo. So, are you ready? ˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰

  1. Yasuda ichigo-en (安田いちご園)

    Kimitsu city, Chiba Prefecture (千葉県君津市)
    On Saturdays and Sundays, you can join the “9 kinds of strawberry tasting and comparing” event.

    Varieties: 淡雪・桃薫(とうくん)越後姫・章姫・あすかルビー・紅ほっぺ・おいCベリー・かおり野

    Tō-kun (桃薫) is a new variety registered in 2011, it is a rare strawberry with a sweet scent like coconut and a touch of peach flavour.

    Duration: Beginning of January to May
    Time: 10:00 – 16:30
    Address: 千葉県君津市大井500
    Telephone: 0439-32-2131
    Email: pajeromini99911905@gmail.com
    Website: http://www.yasuda15.com/

  2. Ōtake ichigo-en (大竹いちご園)

    Kimitsu city, Chiba Prefecture (千葉県君津市)
    They are offering tasting of various varieties of strawberries starting from the white strawberry – “Light snow” (淡雪), uniquely during weekends (Saturday & Sunday)

    Varieties: 淡雪・桃薫・紅ほっぺ・おいCベリー・もういっこ・章姫・とちおとめ・かおり野・チーバベリー・よつぼし

    Duration: January – mid-May
    Time: 10:00 – 16:00
    Address: 〒299-1112 千葉県君津市泉989
    Telephone: 0439-32-2692
    Email: ichigo@chiba.nifty.jp
    Website: http://1583.sweet.coocan.jp/

  3. Takada ichigo-en (高田いちご園)

    Tomioka city, Gunma Prefecture(群馬県富岡市)
    It is the only strawberry farm in Tomioka City where you can hunt strawberries. It is at a good location 5 minutes by car from the UNESCO world heritage Tomioka Silk Mill which is Japan’s oldest modern model silk reeling factory, established in 1872. Let’s enjoy world heritage and strawberry picking!

    Varieties: やよいひめ・紅ほっぺ・とちおとめ・まゆいちご(淡雪)

    Important: White strawberries are limited in number and there is no guarantee that you can 100% find them in the farm. But the owner will serve you some white strawberries for tasting if you make a reservation of visiting in advance.

    Duration: January to May
    Time: 10:00 – 15:00
    Address: 群馬県富岡市上高瀬1136
    Telephone: 090-2479-7299
    Email: NA
    Website: http://r.goope.jp/tomioka-ichigo

  4. Kondō ichigo-en (近藤いちご園)

    Chosei-Gun, Chiba Prefecture(千葉県長生郡)
    Finally, we will introduce the farm where you can taste some Light Snow (淡雪) strawberries and also the popular white strawberry Daifuku (大福) shown in the picture!
     There are over 20 types of strawberries cultivated in Kondō ichigo-en! And you can also make the white strawberries Daifuku which is the popular souvenir № 1 there! 

    You can taste not only white strawberries but also the rare black strawberries Shinku-no-misuzu (深紅の美鈴)! Shinku-no-misuzu has a sugar content of 17% or more! Both “light snow” and shinku-no-misuzu are rare varieties, so there are times when you cannot find them in the farm, and there are restrictions on the number each person can eat. Let’s don’t forget again to reserve in advance! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    Duration: Mid-December to beginning of May
    Time: 9:00 – strawberries for the day finished
    Address: 千葉県長生郡一宮町一宮9177-7
    Telephone: 0475-40-6115
    Email: NA
    Website: http://www.kondo-ichigo.com/


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